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Why choose Padpilot?

Padpilot is a must for anyone who wants to study for a commercial pilot licence or who simply wishes to improve their piloting knowledge and skills.

Why we're so different


Quality guides everything we do.

We strive for the highest standards in everything we create; in writing, illustration, animation and modelling. We invest in harnessing new technologies for a better learning experience. Because we know that what and how students learn, matters. Not only during training, but for the rest of their career.


The aim of training is to produce airline-ready crew, throughly prepared for the demands of modern aviation.

Exam success is an essential part of that preparation, but so is providing a memorable education that remains long after the exams are passed. We believe in bringing theoretical knowledge to life, promoting deep understanding and equipping pilots with the best possible training. Everything we do is devoted to that aim.


The industry changes constantly. New technologies, regulations and syllabus updates mean training material can go out of date very quickly.

We update our content with all relevant new information as it becomes available, so you don't have to. Our digital publishing platform allows us to enhance, update and revise our material almost instantly. So you can be sure our materials are always up to date.