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Padpilot HD is published as a series of Apple Books. These books can be purchased from the Book Store and downloaded directly into the Books app on your iPad, iPhone and Mac.

The Books app allows you to arrange books in the order you chose and even group them into folders of your choosing. If you have multiple books in a series, the Books app groups them together.

If a book you purchased is republished with new or additional content, the Books app lets you know. You can download the updated version free, and it automatically replaces the older copy in your library.

Book structure

Books are structured into chapters and topics. Each topic is listed on the chapter cover. Page thumbnails at the bottom of the screen scroll horizontally. This allows you to easily swipe to navigate quickly to any page of your choice.

Page Layout

Layout, font and font size has been very specifically designed for maximum readability. And, of course, with the retina screen resolution all text and images appear pin sharp.

Videos are embedded within the portrait page giving you quick access to all videos and animated content. Once the video has started playing you can rotate the iPad on to landscape view for full screen viewing capability.

Text search

Text search is thorough and provides contextual results, making it very easy for you to see exactly which occurrence of your search term is most relevant.

Double tapping on any word or phrase brings up the options menu. This allows you to chose whether to look up the word, highlight the text or search online or offline either for a definition or for further information.

Definitions for words can be viewed using the embedded dictionary. If you need to research deeper the book pop-up gives you the option of searching the web.

Highlighting text

Simply use your finger as a highlighter when you're reading a book. Just swipe over the selected text and it's highlighted. Tap a highlighted section and a palette appears. Change colours, switch to underline or add a note instantly.

You can now switch to the Notes view to see all your notes and highlights instantly organised in one place.

Taking notes

You can add your own comments and associate them with areas of highlighted text. Simply click on the note icon and input the text you want.

When you take notes or highlight passages, iCloud pushes them to all your devices automatically. It also remembers which page you're on, so you can pick up where you left off.

Study cards

Every comment and every item of highlighted text is automatically turned into a study card – organized by chapter. Study cards are a great way of creating your own revision note system.